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Partybooker is the first established and the only online collective reference platform in Suisse Romande, which provides prospective buyers with an instant one-stop shopping experience regrouping a large variety of carefully selected quality services, including yours.

More impactful online presence

We offer you the most impactful online presence: Partybooker improves the visibility of your services thanks to its specific technical and marketing expertise.

We position and stand out the digital image of your company to make a difference.

Together we achieve more

Our partners are seasoned professionals in their fields. Being a specialist in digital marketing and promotion requires very targeted and expensive resources which must be constantly optimized and adjusted according to the market and algorithms.

Partybooker brings these resources to you on a platter providing you with unique visibility at a very competitive price because we pool our costs.

our plan options

The Standard plan is the Partybooker entry level plan. This plan provides the Partner with full access to the Partybooker user community and allows direct access by the end user with the partner. The partner can choose 1 main service category and one service sub-category. In addition the partner can add up to 5 photos of their choice to the listing to provide and enhanced experience for the end user.
  • Publish 1 adverts
  • define 1 tags
  • upload 5 medias
300 CHF / Year
The premium Partybooker plan is the most popular, offering the same services as the standard plan with significantly increased online presence. A listing on two categories and two subcategories with the ability to upload up to ten photo's provides an excellent showcase for your services.
  • Publish 2 adverts
  • define 2 tags
  • upload 10 medias
500 CHF / Year
Partybooker’s exclusive partners enjoy a premier opportunity to showcase their services across three main categories and three subcategories, providing comprehensive visibility to potential clients. This partnership level allows businesses to display up to 15 high-quality photos, offering a vivid and detailed presentation of their offerings. Whether you are a venue, a caterer, or an entertainment provider, this feature ensures that your unique services and capabilities are highlighted effectively, attracting a wider audience and facilitating seamless connections with event planners seeking inspiration and quality.
  • Publish 3 adverts
  • define 3 tags
  • upload 15 medias
950 CHF / Year

unique selling points

  • A better professional image
  • When an internet user looks to organise an event on the Web, a reference portal is the best way to capture their attention in a few seconds, give them an overview, and stimulate curiosity. It is then important to position the unique advantages of each partner (Catering, Entertainment, Hotel…). Our web designers create your visual identity, so that your offering is harmoniously adapted across different media or devices (large screens, tablets, mobiles). This is referred to as responsive design, or in French, adaptive web sites. This technique is perfectly mastered by Partybooker.

  • Peek customer's interest
  • The degree of correlation perceived by your visitors between, on one hand, what they are currently searching for, and on the other hand, what your website offers is crucial. A Google surfer poses a specific question. When they land on a site, they will evaluate in a few seconds if its content matches what they are looking for. The challenge is to know how to retain visitors within 10 seconds statistically (Retention Rate). The spatial organization of your content is the core of what we call semantic ergonomics, and it is one of the strengths of Partybooker.

  • From first contact to customers
  • Your website should include a commercial section that presents your services, in order to achieve the best possible conversion rate. It should describe what you do and why you do it better or differently than your competition. Partybooker achieves this goal by providing a targeted platform.

  • Visibility on the web
  • A website that is well-ranked on Google is an extraordinary way to generate leads, and this ranking is expensive. A visitor never arrives by chance. They might come through a Google search, an AdWords advertisement, social media, a link in an email, or by knowing your site and returning directly by typing your domain name. That is why your web strategy must include a traffic acquisition strategy, and this discipline is at the heart of Partybooker.

  • Grow your audience
  • The visibility effort of Partybooker is designed with its target audience in mind. This is what we call an audience. The contents of Partybooker are different from those of your main website (purpose of the visit, keywords, graphic codes, ergonomics, preferences) to adapt to the specific targeted audience. Partybooker complements your digital visibility.

  • A website rich in information
  • Partybooker, with its numerous pages of content, has a high conversion rate. This wealth of information and ideas, where your expertise and concepts are shared, multiplies your commercial impact. To achieve this result, you would need to invest huge resources, which would divert you from your core business.

  • Time saver
  • By offering your clients or prospects an easy way to find the information they need, you optimize your internal resources and save on recurring questions.

  • Return on investment
  • Partybooker is an investment that is very easily amortized

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