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Partybooker sélectionne les meilleures idées d'événements, de lieux et de services de Suisse romande.

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Our benefits

  • One stop shop

    Partybooker is the first established and the only online collective reference platform in Suisse Romande, which provides prospective buyers with an instant one-stop shopping experience regrouping a large variety of carefully selected quality services, including yours.

  • Together we achieve more

    Our business model is crafted to provide you with the most impactful presence online: Partybooker guarantees a superior visibility of your and all our partners’ services as we have the expertise and the knowledge to optimise your presence online.

  • More impactful presence online for more business

    Most of our partners are seasoned professionals in their respective fields. Being expert in online marketing and promotion may not be their Forte. Partybooker provides you with these expertise and skills to optimise your presence on line and provide you with access to customers that you would not be able to get individually.

Yearly Packages

Choose your package to optimise your web visibility

  • 1 category (1 subcategory)
  • 5 photos
  • Video
  • Direct Request
  • Visibility on French & English site versions
CHF 300
per year
  • 2 category (1 subcategory) or 1 category (2 subcategory)
  • 10 photos
  • Direct Request
  • Visibility on French & English site versions
CHF 500
per year
  • 1 category (3 subcategory) or 1 category (2 subcategory) and 1 category (1 subcategory) or 3 category (1 subcategory)
  • 15 photos
  • Direct Request
  • Visibility on French & English site versions
CHF 950
per year
  • 1 banner on the side of a listing page, above the filter
  • 1 banner on one listing page is 95 CHF first category and +25 CHF per additional category
CHF 95
per month


1. Superior visibility

Nowadays, it is of the utmost importance to be highly visible online. A website that is well referenced on Google, with carefully crafted keywords that are strategically positioned on PB’s - as well as your individual pages - provide extraordinary powerful means to stand out and generate leads. Traffic generation is at the heart of PB’s skillsets.

PB’s website positions itself to be THE preferred entry place for any enquiries regarding your and our partners’ business. As much as you are experts and champions in your respective domains, PB’s commitment is to provide you with the superior technical expertise required to improve your visibility online.

2. Attractive layouts with performing responsive designs and relevant information improve prospect retention

Our web designers help shape up and optimize your digital presence. They are perfectly in tune with all the necessary convenient and interactive tools. Irrespective the entry platform (computer, tablet, mobile), they strive to provide the most attractive, harmonious and convenient layout according to the latest responsive design options. These techniques provide easy and effective surfing means for prospect visitors.

PB’s website contents are totally customer centric. Ergonomic design and functionality, coupled with powerful semantics including word placement and key messaging, makes it convenient for visitors to quickly make a decision on few preferred options.

The site is rich in contents, well documented and up to date on the subject matter. It facilitates the performance ranking by search engines. It enables an instructive discovery journey for visitors who can then chose and pursue their enquiry by contacting our partners.

3. Client conversion is paramount, client delight being the ultimate goal

PB’s philosophy is “together, you sell more”. You - and our partners at large – possess the highest level of expertise and qualification. We provide you with the necessary digital expertise and PB’s content-rich market place platform to connect with a larger target population.

These potential customers build confidence in the quality of the choice options offered on PB’s website, collectively. Our job is to ensure that interest generated through PB’s website converts naturally and easily into an enquiry, which you can transform into a firm order. Our joint commitment is to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction. In that sense partner and customer feedback are both essential for PB’s on-going improvement. That’s what we call partnership for success.

Partybooker augmente la visibilité de votre entreprise Partybooker améliore votre référencement sur les moteurs de recherche Augmentation du taux de conversions des partenaires de Partybooker Obtenez des clients directement grâces à Partybooker
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