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Partybooker sélectionne les meilleures idées d'événements, de lieux et de services de Suisse romande.

Reception Venue

For your weddings or your various events, we have selected the most beautiful rooms and places in French-speaking Switzerland. These room rentals are perfectly adaptable to the number of participants, to the activities planned and of course to the desired location.


Domaine La Capitaine Bio, Begnins-Gland

Vaud, En Marcins 2, 1196 Gland-Begnins, Suisse

Located in the heart of the vineyard of "La Côte", halfway between Lausanne and Geneva, the Domaine La Capitaine opens its doors to you for the organization of your private and professional events.


Le Clos du Rosay, Tolochenaz

Vaud, Rue du Centre 3, Tolochenaz, Suisse

A private domain ideal for small receptions as well as business meetings.

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Les Philosophes, Genève

Genève, Rue Prévost-Martin 5, 1205 Genève, Suisse

We have imagined a place where we can meet in ANOTHER way. We can chill, eat some home-made food, drink a glass and even work in our meeting room. Our team adapts to your rythm and your desire, a place where reigns conviviality. One place divided in three rooms: a restaurant, a bar and our meeting salon's. We can welcome you for your event: contact us and we will talke about your project. 



Café-Restaurant Ô5

Genève, Rue des Caroubiers 5, 1227 Carouge, Suisse

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LT LocaTentes, Genève

Genève, 5 chemin Vignes-à-Léon, 1251 Gy, Genève

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Caveau du Château de Duillier

, Château de Duillier, 1266 Duillier, Suisse

Situated between Nyon and Gland, the splendid castle heralds the beginning of the widely acclaimed Vaudois wine region.

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, Avenue de Rhodanie 17

Gala dinners, birthday parties, weddings, workshops or exhibitions – whatever you’re hosting, its success hinges primarily on choosing a stunning venue. Unique, extra-special and out of the ordinary, the boats that ply Lake Geneva provide an exclusive setting that will bring a touch of originality to your event.


Abbaye de Montheron, Lausanne

, Route de l’Abbaye 2, 1053 Montheron, Suisse

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Domaine des Champs-Lingot, Anières

, Route de Chevrens 160, 1247 Anières, Suisse

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Restaurant Vieux-Bois de l'Ecole Hôtelière, Genève

, Avenue de la Paix 12, 1202 Genève, Suisse

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Chartreuse de Pomier

, 27 Allée des Chartreux, 74160 Présilly, France

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Seedspace La Praille, Genève

Genève, Route des Jeunes 47B, 1227 Carouge, Suisse

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Caveau des Vignerons de Saint-Saphorin

Vaud, Chemin de l’Ancien Collège 6, 1071 Saint-Saphorin Suisse

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Restaurant Gina

Vaud, Rue Louis Favre 8c, Ecublens, Suisse

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L'Esplanade, Auberge Communale, Aubonne

Vaud, Avenue du Chêne 42, 1170 Aubonne, Switzerland

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Ancien Relais Postal Caveau

Vaud, Route de la Gare 1, Marnand, 1524, Switzerland

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EMF Tentes, Genève

, Avenue Krieg 36, 1208 Genève, Suisse

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2m2c, Montreux

Vaud, Avenue Claude-Nobs 5, 1820 Montreux, Suisse

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Genève, 1201 Genève

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Vaud, 1180 ROLLE

Discover the Swiss vineyards, Alps and lakes in an open air 360-degree view basket! A moment of happiness and freedom to share with family, friends or teammate. It’s the perfect gift for any special occasion!

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