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Colore Ta Vie

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“ Artistic team building, the act of creation is an excellent way to let go or to let off steam. ”

This unique artistic team building takes place in the Colore Box. It has been thought in three main axes: play, letting go and team cohesion. The participants will have to dare to go outside the framework to let their ideas express themselves through their gestures and colours while listening to the group.

Thanks to the atypical space where all (painting) strokes are allowed and to the different activities we have imagined, you will have fun while experimenting new ways of expression and rapprochement. The memory of this experience will materialize with the creation of several works.

Very similar to the follow-up of a professional project, the "construction" of an artistic composition revolves around rules that are both simple and playful and that never hinder creation.


the Colore Bubble - Pigment your event with our mobile Colore Box, immerse your guests for a 360° experience.

Live painting - to bring a spectacular touch to your event by marking the spirits.

Languages: French, English

For Entertainment


Geographical limit: Suisse

Number of participants: 12

List of your services: Team Building, Colore Tes Emotions, Colore Ta Fête, Colore Ta Famille, Colore Bubble et Live Painting.

Equipment provided: Colore Box et/ou Colore Bubble ainsi que tous le matériel de peinture et accessoires

Equipment not included:

Biography: Nous sommes deux artistes lausannois (Damien Schwander et KOL) qui voulons vous aider à libérer et créer différentes émotions à l’aide de notre médium, la peinture.



For Entertainment

Working days: MON, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN,

Duration: de 30 min à 150 min

Annual holidays: -

Possibility of extansion of the basic schedule: YES , A convenir

For Entertainment

Budget: Price on demand

Deposit on booking: A convenir

Payment methods: Cash Invoice

Travelling expenses: A discuter

Additional expenses:


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