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“ Cooking on the fire in unusual places. ”

Whether you are a small group or a very large one, in an unusual place or in your own garden, cooking for you or with you on the flames and embers of our mobile and ephemeral outdoor fire kitchen is an extraordinary experience that brings people together.

we create your extraordinary event according to your needs, whether you prefer to cook together with chillfood as an orchestra or to enchant your senses with our know-how in fire cooking for your special occasion such as a jubilee, a wedding, a seminar or an anniversary.



catering by the fire

Cooking on the fire in all simplicity and without electricity allows us to be mobile in each part of Switzerland, whether in unusual places such as caves, old monasteries, sheds, botanical gardens or simply in your own garden or other outdoor places.

We offer a variety of dishes chosen with you and cooked on the flames and embers in our ephemeral fire kitchen. if you wish, you will have the opportunity to tame the embers for an authentic dish that is as quick as it is surprising. whether it is a succulent dish cooked with seasonal products and served between two workshops, an aperitif or a whole night feast, our know-how will brighten your taste buds.


our services are not limited to the kitchen, so if you wish, we can bring the drinks, tablecloths, dishes, music, candles and braziers in addition to our burning passion for the delights cooked on the fire.


Seminar location

füüri is a historic and unusual location by the aare river, yet in the heart of berne, just a 15-minute walk from the train station. this 19th century industrial site is the ideal place for group events and company outings, including seminars, meetings and workshops. start your day at füüri with a warm welcome from chillfood and a cup of coffee made over the fire and some fire toasted bread. the different rooms can be adapted to your needs and desires. once the seminar is over, it's the ideal opportunity to extend the festivities by cooking together with chillfood or to let yourself be surprised by our delicacies prepared over the flames and embers.

Languages: French, English, German

For Caterer


Geographical limit: Suisse

Minimum/maximum guests: from 5 to 300

Smood.ch link: 0


Specialties: Cuisine au feu de bois


Other services

Logistics service:



Furnishing equipment:

Decoration elements:

Office equipment:

Other complementary services and facilities :


For Entertainment


Geographical limit: Suisse

Number of participants: 300

List of your services: - Les ingrédients et le repas - Le bois et le charbon de bois - Les ustensiles de cuisine - Une proposition pour le lieu de la manifestation - L’animation durant la préparation et la cuisson au feu de bois

Equipment provided: - Les ingrédients et le repas - Le bois et le charbon de bois

Equipment not included: L’infrastructure compatible avec la cuisson au feu de bois. Les boissons et la TVA

Biography: Voir notre site



For Caterer

Annual holidays: 3 - 6 heures ou a convenir

For Entertainment

Working days: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, SAT, SUN,

Duration: 3 - 6 heures

Annual holidays:

Possibility of extansion of the basic schedule: YES , A convenir

For Caterer

Budget: 0 - 1000 CHF

Deposit on booking: A convenir

Payment methods: Cash Invoice

Payment terms and conditions: CHF 800.- dès groupe de 100 pers

For Entertainment

Budget: 0 - 1000 CHF

Deposit on booking: A convenir

Payment methods: Cash Invoice

Travelling expenses:

Additional expenses: Dès 100 pers. CHF 800


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